We offer cognitive testing as part of our comprehensive assessment to objectively document how your mental health issue has affected your memory, attention, reasoning, and other intellectual abilities that are required in independent functioning in everyday activities.

Executive functions are higher-order cognitive abilities which are often impaired in many psychiatric conditions . Executive functions are essential in activities such as: planning, organizing, selecting a course of action, monitoring performance, and multi-tasking.

Sample test for measuring your Attention

Why is measuring Cognitive Health so important?

It has consistency been shown that psychiatric  illnesses impact our functioning by impairing our cognitive abilities. Their deleterious effect on cognition sometimes persists after treatment of original psychiatric condition. By measuring cognitive functions we get a basic idea of our baseline and select targets for further intervention. Serial cognitive testing helps us keep track of improvements/changes in the selected targets over time.

Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) offer a quick-and-easy version of cognitive testing that can be administered online. CBS Health tests have been validated by years of scientific research and are reliable measures of brain function relevant to everyday independent functioning. More importantly, these tasks are fun, and each domain takes only 1 ½ – 3 minutes to complete. The total test takes about 30 minutes.

Sample for Response inhibition

One of the Executive functioning domains, which some of you may find somewhat difficult, but are often impaired in psychiatric disorders:

Please speak to our staff or healthcare professional to booking a complete cognitive assessment or for more information.